Welcome to a World of Sound!

Have you ever wondered how the universe was created? Creation myths around the world speak about the first sound.

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Sound Healing Testimonials

I really enjoyed your music last night. I still feel the energies resonating and it has been a blessing.

It’s like afterwards I feel like I have no body at all and I’m in awe of everything!

Somehow I became the sounds. I got a CD and heard half so far and love it!

Thank you.

— Jeanette Bernal-Singh, Assistant Pricipal Second Violin at Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Vancovuer, BC

Feedbackfrom students – Total Education High School, Vancouver, BC:

I found that the sound experience was very calming and it took me to a part of my mind where I had never been before. I was able to completely relax and focus on my breathing. The beautiful sounds also helped me to stop thinking about everything and just focus on what I was listening to. The feeling experience was also verygreat and heartwarming. I felt that I was just floating gently and my entire body was in peace. – Ayushi

The music he was playing made me feel like I was in a different place, far from school, somewhere calm and peaceful. It sent waves throughout my body, along with the feeling of spinning around slowly. I also had a feeling of being uplifted, and rising up. The sound of the music was really powerful. The ringing and the vocals along with everything else created a lot of energy – Jarrett

The sounds were very soothing and allowed my body and mind to relax. I did a lot of self-reflecting and relieved my stress, about school, family, and life. I think this is a very good way to kick off spring break. I am currently feeling clear, calm, and refreshed. – Don

Matthew’s voice and the sounds he used made me think of my home and culture. I started to think about pow-wows and imagined people dancing. I even thought I could feel the vibrations through the floor. With my eyes closed I felt like I could hear and feel everything better. It was a very good way to start the morning.
– Tammy

I thought it was very relaxing that I fell asleep. I liked the piano thing (Harmonium) and I love the sound of it. It made me feel at home and feeling good. I think we shouldhave something like this every day to just relax our body, minds, and souls. – Dianna

Today’s experience was quiteunique. Everything about it was, the things we saw and all the things we heard. There were very different types of instruments that I had neverseen before. They all made different sounds and different tones. They were in different shapes as well. Some looked like bowls and others likeboxes. One was a big shell and others were cymbals. The sounds they made were quite amazing, something I’d never heard before. The throatsinging was the most bizarre and cool sounding. – Ian